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Time for some shameless self-promotion

Would you mind checking out the special blog I made for my Detective Conan gifs: @ran-neechan. For all those who are inetersted in the anime. It’s not a blog for everything DC though! Let me explain it…

For now, this blog is something like a directory for my detective conan gifs. In case you’re only interested in them and not the other stuff I usually post on my personal blog. So feel free to follow this one instead. I’ll keep uploading them on my main blog though, but immediately reblog them onto this one afterwards.

Thanks for the support~!

For me it’s Detective Conan appreciation day today ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ

I shall gif more of my favorite moments and go back to watching it. If you also like Detective Conan you can check out all my graphics of the series I made so far.