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Hello! This is a new kpop store that sells tons of official and sometimes fanmade merchandise from kpop artists. Could you post this so your followers can see? :) Thank you!
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jonghyun in ring ding dong or jonghyun in dream girl
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tough choice actually, I’m not that much of a sucker for blonde!jjong to begin with but rdd > dream girl

based on the whole styling at least

Choose between Kibum or Jonghyun in who you'd rather be left stranded on an island with.
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well now isn’t that obvious……………………………………..- kibum of course, jjong would be of no use at all

Hi! well uhm you're one of the first blogs i followed on tumblr ever and that was like back in 2011/2012.. I've always thought you were really nice and cute and you haven't changed ever since (: i remember watching your tutorials when i was starting on photoshop and i used to think like woah this girl is so tumblr famous and stuff hahaha it's crazy that i still follow you.
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lmao yeah why are you still following this mess- everyone seems to have started around 2011 I guess. thank you so much though asdfghjkl <3 and don’t call me cute, my head will explode - seriously

I think you're super nice and sweet! I've been following you for 3 years and I feel happy whenever I see you on my dash (too bad it's not that often anymore)~~~goodnight sweetheart
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wow how is everyone following me for so long like seriously I also started around three years ago and yet you stuck around sob thank you so so much :’333 aw I promise to drop by more often, good night <333

why the fuck is your scrollbar so wide it's like 20px holy shit
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lol I like them thick

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away. Send this to ten blogs you love and will always follow ❤
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why thank you :’3

siiiis are u back? *u*
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I’m always kinda here and yet I’m not

you know, lurkin and stuff


I really like your new icon Sumi, you make the best ones :)
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aaahfghjk thanks thy, glad you like it :’33333

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why thank you! C:

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- Jongin
- Kyungsoo
- Sehun

hiii oh my god thank you so much for following me i love you ;u;
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you’re so welcome dear~ ^3^

You've been one of my favourite blogs for about two years and you following me back honestly made my day *wheezes a little*
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awwwfghjkl you’re welcome~! :’3

jaejoong, myungsoo/L (infinite) and GD
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  1. Jaejoong
  2. GD
  3. Myungsoo
i'm actually crying right now tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FOLLOW SENPAI ;AA; i've followed you for nearly three years now and i absolutely love your blog aaahh ♥️ hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you again c: i hope we'll be able to talk more in the future! ;;
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wow for nearly three years!? sob now I’m gonna cry ;3; you’re welcome dear, let’s be friends~ :’3