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I usually don’t like these tagging games, but I decided to still do it. No freakin idea what exactly convinced me to make this decision. Aish, don’t tag me guys ㅠㅠ

Rule 1 Post the rules. 
Rule 2 Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3 Tag 11 people and link them to your post. 
Rule 4 Let them know you’ve tagged them!

» Tagged by jongho-love

1. Who is your bias and why do you like him/her? SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun. Glad I once clarified why he’s my bias. You can read it right here. But let me just say, he’s an individual that influenced my life - a lot.
2. If you could have anything in the world what would it be? A second chance.
3. If you were stuck on an island with your bias what would you do? Have the best time of my life?
4. How are you? How was your day? I’m fine I guess my day was boring though.
5. What’s your favorite food? Pizza, anything pasta, meat and mom’s food.
6. What part of the opposite gender attracts you most? Probably the face and eyes. I can rarely look into someone’s face for to long or have an intense eye contact. That’s why they attract me, I keep trying to get a good sight of it. But I also have a thingh for male chests and hands.
7. Where would you like to be right now? Anywhere would be fine. As long as I can (and am willing to) leave this room. Without having to regret it of course.
8. Favorite OTP? JONGYU DESU (▰˘◡˘▰) 
9. What is one of your life goals? To make up my mind and finally have a very own goal that I want to achieve and fight for. But first I have to gain the confidence and insperation.
10. What are you doing? Answering these questions…?
11. Do you love me? -puppy eyes- Do I? hehe

» Tagged by myseoulblog

1. Favorite songs recently? I will sure add them to my favorites, but they are rather like current jams; Busker Busker’s The Flower & Bye Bye Sea’s Beautiful Dance
2. Favorite Kdramas all time? You’re Beautiful & Dream High. I don’t watch many.
3. Japanese or Korean food? Korean.
4. Items in your bedroom that you can’t live without? Laptop, Diary and Ipod.
5. Favorite K-pop band? SHINee.
6. k-fashion or kpop? Kpop.
7. Favorite store to shop at? I don’t have any favorite shop, once I want something I get straight to it, probably to the most convenient shop. I’m not the typical girl that loves shopping. In fact I sometimes hate it.
8. Pet-peeves? When people take my stuff without asking.
9. College or university? University.
10. Foreign language(s) you want to learn? I want to be fluent in all the languages I attempt to learn so far which are french, spanish, korean, hindi and japanese.
11. Which Korean music industry you would like to debut in? None, because I never fantasized (and still won’t) of becoming a singer.

» Tagged by khannie

1. What is one object you cannot live without it? Ipod. Which is my music source. In other words; music.
2. If you ever get to meet your bias in person, what would you say to him or her? I’d personally thank him for everything he and his band mates have accomplished so far, for making my life easier to live, how much I love him and that he better take good care of his health.
3. What is one skill or talent do you want to acquire and why? I really wish I could sing really well. Not for the purpose of becoming famous or recognized for it, but just for myself so I can sing my favorite songs in a pleasant way when ever I want to or serenade the people around me.
4. What are your plans for the summer? I want to finally get my driving license.
5. What is your most visited website? Tumblr? Youtube? My blog? lol
6. If you weren’t into k-pop, what else would you obsess over? I don’t think I was ever this obsessive over something so I might be just doing nothing if it wasn’t for Kpop.
7. What your favorite movie? To many good ones to choose just one, in fact, to many to list.
8. Who is your role model and why? I think I consider all confident, modest and succesful people my role models. 
9. Do you have a favorite YouTube channel? Many.
10. Do you have a favorite tumblr? Many.
11. What is one of your goals in the future? Already answered this exact same question up there.

» Tagged by dino-seoulmate

1. How’s your mood today? Not so good right now. It might change within the next few minutes though. My mood just goes back and forth like that.
2. Did something exciting happened on the weekend? Not really I guess, because I can’t think of anything to tell. 
3. Expectations for this year? To finally get my shit together. That’s an expectation for every year.
4. Choose your number one bias! OTP?  No problem: Kim Jonghyun & Jongyu.
5. If you’re walking on the streets of your town and you happen to see your number one bias completely lost and confused… what would you do? Obviously help him out? Maybe treat him to a drink or meal afterwards?
6. What do you think your “theme song” could be at this right moment? Some sad ballad about myself being a failure.
7. If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them? How am I supposed to know? It better split in teams to save both, that’s their job.
8. How bright are black holes? Brigther than my face on rainy days.
9. Do you believe in life after death? That’s something we can debate about for hours. Let’s say, I hope for it.
10. Solve this: ex=n=7x4n!=limn(1+x/10)2 I refuse to do math on Tumblr. I refuse to do math in general, yuck.
11. Did you like my questions? Haha and that right after the math question. Nope, not really ^^;;

» Tagged by jongrex

1. Who is your ultimate bias and why? Already answered the exact same question up there.
2. Top5 songs? 
To many to list. I can’t make a Top5 out of +100 awesome songs ^^;;
3. Tell me your favorite non-kpop singer.
Doesn’t really exist. I’m not into singers outside the K-music genre. I sure do like this and that non-kpop song, in fact, I love everything that sounds good.
4. How old are you?
18 turning 19 this july.
5. What would you do to meet your bias?
I’d love to work hard for the money that I’ll spend on plane and concert tickets to meet him.
6. Would you date your bias, like seriously?
I know people who wouldn’t ‘-‘
I think it’s not about if I would, but if I “could”. First of all, will he date me back? haha. But no seriously, I also don’t think I could date my bias, because I wouldn’t be able to handle the media and stuff, especially me who hates being the center of attention. That only if it was a open relationship (like SimonD & Lady Jane’s for example) as in everyone knows about us. It could be a secret relationship also, which is what I think is the better way to deal with it, dating should be accepted as a private matter. If it was like that I sure would love to date my bias, just to make him feel a little less lonely and be sth like his “supporting leg”- I’d actually be fine with a friendship as well, as long as I get the opportunity to cheer him up when he’s down. But speaking of “dating your bias”, I have several biases in the fandom and there are biases that I would date, but there are also biases I rather see as sth like… a sibling? Biases I love to death and cheer for like you would for a handsome older brother or a cute little brother? Maybe it’s just me lol. 
7. The name of your best friend. (In tumblr and irl)
Jonghyun-ah & Ipod-shi 
8. Are you in love?
"It’s complicated" haha
9. What is your favorite sport?
Badminton & Baseball
10. Do you like my tumblr? LMAO Yup, 
I do :)
11. Who are the most important people for you?
My family. Friends come and go, but my family is been with me for 18 years.

» Tagged by likeoxygenn

1. What’s your favorite OTP?  IT’S STILL JONGYU DESU (▰˘◡˘▰)  
2. Your TOP3 bias? Jonghyun, SHINee, remaining biases I all love more or less equally
3. What’s your biggest dream? To finally decide on and live my biggest dream. It tends to change every once in a while. 
4. How did you meet KPOP? Long story. Decades ago, I was looking up “KISSING ASIAN BOYS" (don’t ask) and stumbled upon a compilation of yes, kissing asian boys with DB5K in it during their debut days camwhoring to "Hug" in the Radio station. I fell in love.
5. Five favorite blogs. To many to list. I suck at these rankings.
6. What’s your favorite KPOP group? SHINee.
7. What’s your favorite MV? To many to choose.
8. What is one object you cannot live without it? Already answered this exact same question up there.
9. If you had 10 words to say to your bias, what would you say? "I love you so very very much it hurst a lot." … - Yeah.
10. What’s your favorite book? I’m not a reader.
11. Do you like chocolate? lol Not a lot. I only eat chocolate from time to time.

» Tagged by heykelli-youandme

1. When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be? Pediatrician.
2. If there was one thing that happened in the past that you could change, what would that be? If I really had the opportunity to, I’d like to change the last 12 years of my life.
3. Favorite food of all time? Pizza?
4. Do you prefer British accents or Australian accents? I don’t really care to be quite honest lol
5. What ’90s song summed up your childhood? I don’t really remember popular 90s songs and their lyrics neither do I bother looking them up right now ^^;; Let’s say my childhood was precious. 
6. What is one of the top things-to-do on your bucket list? Traveling?
7. Proudest accomplishment so far? Wow, I really had to think for a moment OTL …… and yet I can’t think of anything fml
8. Did you ever think you were in love at some point, and if so, with who? With every crush I had so far? Which were one each, middle and high school. Delusional love I must add lol. It was really intense with my first crush though. I don’t know if I experienced love at first sight at that point… maybe.
9. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you? Can’t think of something right now. My personality can be weird at times so maybe everything else seems rather “normal”… if that makes sense.
10. Who have you met that is famous? I don’t go out enough to bump into famous people.
11. Do you remember me? I do Kelli, of course I do :)

FINALLY THANK GOODNESS. PLEASE NEVER SEND ME THESE TAGGING STUFF AGAIN, I’M TO LAZY TO ANSWER THEM ^^;; Also to lazy to come up with new questions and tag 11 people.

I’m done here.


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