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Are you back? Cause you've been on hiatus I feel like for so long
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yeah it’s kind of an undefined hiatus. I stop by when I feel like it. but someone actually cares omo TT

hello! i'm not a die hard shawol but like i love them a lot as well and my favourite is absolutely jonghyun. he is your bias right? i wonder cause like, jonghyun is not very tall LOL. and i am pretty tall. so like in terms of ideal type its a bit lacking in that area. but what about you? is height important for you when looking at your prospective other half?
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yeah, that kid is my bias. well now that you mention it, a few of my biases are actually the shorties - like sometimes even below average lol. and it’s not that I pay special attention to it (it just happened to turn out like that ^^;;) because I actually don’t really care? In fact I don’t even consider height an important factor when it comes to my ideal type. maybe because I’m kinda short myself- that must be it, they’re rarely shorter than me in the first place haha. when it comes to idols, I don’t really care about their height or general body stature and just get along with what I got. when it comes to real life, it’s pretty much the same. it does slightly annoy me though when they are WAY to tall, I must admit that. briefly speaking, if I had to choose I would evenually go with those that are around my height (which should be around 161cm/5’3”)