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"Nothing new can come out of a situation without suffering."
— Rei Kawakubo (via nuoire)
Hello dear! I was wondering if you have a tutorial on how you made your ask the way it is? ^^
lnternetwar 2 リアクション

sorry for answering so late~ here’s a tutorial hun.

hey there! i really really REALLY love the music on your blog ^^ do you mind listing down the song list? :)
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thank you, glad you enjoy it :) I alreasdy made a playlist, you’ll find the link in my navigation box.

hey there, I was wondering if you could help me. When I get asks and publish them, my theme doesn't show the asker's avatar image, only their name. Do you know how how to make it appear? Thank you so much! Love your blog!
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oh thank you c: sure thing, you just need to add the following part to your code. the number behind the hyphen defines how big you want the avatar to be. you can copy it right of this page.